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Danielle Riddle had an interesting challenge facing her. She wanted to leverage online platforms to create a secondary income stream for herself, i.e. a personal gig or hustle for some vacation money. However, her primary skill was being a musician. Exactly how was that going to translate into music into some kind of a product to sell online aside from selling the music itself? She had no record deal, and Danielle didn't have any quality recording equipment. Getting started would have meant investing thousands of dollars, which defeated the whole point of a side hustle then. So how were the two resources of her love for music and the Internet going to connect?

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Music is Important in Our Life
October 6, 2022

Why Music is Important in Our Life

Music improves our ability to understand and listen. When we listen to a song, we try to understand the words in the lyrics. But when we listen to instrumental music, we use our brain to understand the message without words. It helps us develop social skills, fight depression, and enhance our cognitive function. Helps develop […]

How Much Do Pianos Cost?
September 22, 2022

How Much Do Pianos Cost?

Pianos Cost depend on few factors . First, it would help if you remembered that the pianos market increases and decreases depending on several factors. For example, the rising popularity and increased production can boost the market for pianos. Conversely, a lack of interest or purchasing power can cause the market to decrease. Moreover, some […]

August 22, 2022

How to Download Music From iTunes?

iTunes is pre-installed on your Mac to listen music. Click on the Account menu item at the top of the screen. Click on Sign in, then enter your Apple ID email address and password to sign in. Click the album name to open the album track list. Note the price of the album below the […]

July 1, 2022

Is a Musician a Profession?

Danielle Riddle asserts that, a musician is a person who composes, performs, or conducts music. The United States Employment Service uses the term “musician” to designate people who work in this musician profession. You can earn a good living as a musician, but how do you get there? Here are some tips. Read on to […]

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